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Training redefined.


Founded in 2013, The Cliner Group has worked with startups and SME’s to build strong teams and generate sustainable growth.

We support radical entrepreneurs with big visions looking to challenge the status quo and build something special.

Why Us?

We started in the trenches, knocked on doors, and generated over $250M in new business revenue.

We’ve managed and lead teams. We know what it takes to create success.

We’re adaptive and reprioritize needs based on opportunities.

Our Mantra

You won’t see us winning awards or sharing our successes through public channels.

We prefer to operate in the background, stay humble and focus our energy on helping our clients grow.

Our mantra is to execute in silence.

Our Services

Sales Training

When businesses are in growth mode, they’ll often sacrifice ideal revenue for revenue that’s needed to keep the lights on. This is a delicate balance.

Through effective training, we help you to achieve steady income for daily expenses, and growth income that leads to significant revenue generation.

Management Training

A significant knowledge gap exists within management at the 30-40 year age range; strong individual contributors get promoted to management and experience no formal management training to get the most out of their team.

We work with management to support their own personal growth and then help them get the most out of their team.

Leadership Training

All too often, entrepreneurs start a company because they enjoy solving problems or building things. Many were never formally trained for a leadership position.

Clearly socializing your vision, creating a growth plan, and help you empower your team to execute is something we excel at.


We’ve worked in a variety of different industries including energy & infrastructure, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, construction and financial services.

We are industry agnostic and prefer to assess fit based on people.

Contact Us

Our reputation is paramount. Our success is your success.

We enjoy meeting entrepreneurs and look forward to speaking with you.

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